Free Xbox live gold codes

Searching desperately for Free Xbox live codes?  Yes, it is quite obvious for game lovers to bear the pain of not being able to enjoy the console game online as they can’t spend money to buy paid subscriptions. Of course there are many tools that help you generate live codes for free. But, why not going the legit way to earn those free Xbox live codes? This article will help you know about the genuine ways to attain free Xbox live codes.

When you register for the Microsoft live account, you get Xbox live codes for free for a month. Well, you can get free live gold codes using 2 different methods.

Firstly you can use a tool to generate free Xbox live code and secondly as said you can use the legit method which is

Create a new Microsoft account to attain free trail for Xbox live for a month

Sign up for a Microsoft account
  • Register for a Microsoft account and then sign in to the Subscription page
  • Next, select – Gold- one month free trial and simply click- Next.
  • Well, here you need to add the credit card details to complete the registration successfully.
  • You can just enter the details for billing and click – Next.
  • Follow the screen instructions to finish the sign-up process.

Activate Gold trial account for Xbox Live for a month

This option is relevant for gamers who already have Xbox live account and was never activated to Xbox live gold subscription.

In case if you have already used it in the past then it will not be useful for you to avail this option again.

You will attain free Xbox Gold account for a month. Now let us learn how to check whether or not you are eligible for this free trial?

  • You will be able to automatically view the option- “Gold – 1 Month Free Trial as a subscription gift.”
  • Select – free gold monthly trial and just click on- Next
  • In case you are asked to enter your payment details again then simply add payment option to the account. In case there is already a payment option you have entered, you can use the same.
  • Now you need to follow the wizard instructions to walk through the sign up process.

Remember once your free trial account is expired after a month you will be charged if you do not deactivate the free trial subscription.

Well, the best thing to get free Xbox Live Gold codes is to choose a genuine service that provides correct codes without download features. There should be no hidden charges and you should be able to generate free Xbox live gold codes without having to pay anything. Many students opt for code generators as it helps get them free live gold codes without investing in any money which again they can’t afford to.

You can use the legit ways too but that comes with a limitation of one month. So, if you want an uninterrupted flow of codes you can use a code generator.